Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy Feature! A Little Birdie Told me So

Featuring handmade bird creations from all over Etsy was a fun challenge. I love to see how there can be so many different takes on our feathered friends. There were so many that I decided to focus more on fabric and fiber arts. I feel that I came up with a great selection! I hope that you feel the same way!
I want to do this kind of feature more on a weekly basis. Let me know if you have any ideas for the upcoming features!

Click on the magazine cover below to open!
Enjoy and pass it on!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Posh Event Posh Printables Feature in Style Bridal!

This is so exciting to be featured in Style Bridal in such an amazing collection! My Posh Printables Damask Purse Box was featured today on Style Bridal DIY Wedding Printables all about how to stay hip and save money. I couldn't be happier. Even though a copycat Etsy store that I have been keeping my eye on for some time now was featured in the same category as mine. But hey, that just means that I had two great ideas! (And that I need to punch up the photography, bring it on!) :-) Check it out!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

For the LOVE of Damask!

Damask seems to be one of those prints that just do not go out of style. Granted, today's damask prints are not like our grandmother's prints. Today a more contemporary modern damask is taking over which couldn't make me happier. As you can probably tell by my blog background and the items I offer in my Etsy store I just ADORE Damask. Especially in black and white. It is so bold yet pretty and always classic to me. Damask can be used for the super formal to a casual affair. So as my first Etsy Feature on my blog, I had to show off some Damask items for the domestic goddess in training.
One of my absolute favorites is from Etsy Seller Wildcatwear. I almost didn't want to feature this item because I didn't want anyone to buy it so that I could. But I just had to share. This Collapsible Damask Tote (pictured on left) is so great for so many things. I want one to go shopping with and one to put my sewing crafts in. This is absolutely beautiful and with an unbeatable price! Only $20!! Yes, when have you seen on a featured item like this a price tag like that? It is also great to see an item on Etsy that I both love and has a great picture to show off! These totes also come in other color damasks and other prints. She also has a nice selection of diaper bags and totes all for around the same price. I don't know how she does it, but she has become one of my new favorite sellers! The next two items I found are for those domestic goddesses in training out there like me! I swear that my productivity in the kitchen and in my household chores in general go up at least 20% when I wear my gloves. I can only imagine how much more it would go up in these gorgeous cleaning gloves. (who knew those words would ever go together?) The Clean InStyle Cleaning Gloves by Etsy seller JulieMeyer are just that, Gorgeous! With the price at $15.00 you can make those mundane chores that much more tolerable! She has all sorts of damask printed gloves with different accents as well as other prints. You have to check out her store. She has such cute items such as lunch bags and reusable zipper snack pouches. And you have to have an apron to match! This is really funny to me since when I would visit my Oma (grandmother) in Germany I could never understand how a woman in this day and age needed such a selection of day coats and aprons. Every morning, after getting ready for the day she would put on her apron and start her chores and cooking. Now that I am a work from home stay at home mother, I have started to completely understand. I can't seem to go more than an hour of looking after my toddler, cooking breakfast, and getting some chores in, without getting my outfit dirty. But at the same time I don't think that I could pull of those frocks that my oma would put on. So I have fallen in love with the super cute dress aprons and half aprons. The Shirley half hostess apron by Etsy Seller BellaStyle is one of those aprons that caught my eye. At $27 and with embroidery available her shop is definitely one to check out. Another must-see Etsy Shop is that of Boojiboo! Oh my goodness do I love her aprons! She has such a great selection of original designed vintage aprons. One of my absolute favorites being the Chloe Vintage Inspired Damask Full Apron. My house would probably always be spotless if I had this apron! Plus this apron sells for under $30.00! And of course in order to help with keeping things organized, I love this damask organizer by Etsy seller Sewgracious, she and I were featured together in an Etsy Treasury all about damask. I had to put her item in my favorites. This Reversable Organizer Basket is a beautiful addition for your house. Especially if you are into crafts like crocheting and knitting. For 18.00 you can't go wrong! If you are a true lover of damask you will love her shop. Even her avatar is damask. She also has great taste in a number of other prints available in her store.
I wish I could go on an on about all of the different items I have found on Etsy for the house in the forever classic black and white damask print. But it will have to wait for another blog posting. (You should see the items I found for mothers!) I know some of you may actually enjoy dusting, dishes, laundry....(zzzzzzzzzz sorry I fell asleep there for a moment) but for those of you like me, I sometimes need more than just the idea of a nice clean organize house as motivation why not spice it up a bit by dressing up a bit? Until the next time!

Hearts for Haiti

Etsy for Haiti has started an artist collaboration store on Etsy to raise money for Haiti relief and Doctors without borders. I am so happy to be part of it! I decided to try out some of my newly acquired drawing skills and my digital writing tablet. I have designed printable note cards with a reaching helping hand and the words "hope, peace, love". I am hoping that people will purchase these cards from HeartsforHaiti and send them all over the place to motivate people to help in one way or another, be it by donating money, positive thoughts, or just being nicer to one another. I had originally put these together to put in my shop to collect money for Haiti, but as I read all of the guidelines for setting up charity collections, I decided that it would just be better to go this route. (I am not the best with figuring out extra tax forms and all of the extra red tape) Please check out this Etsy store! The theme of the store are hearts, so you can do your gift shopping for Valentine's day and help the cause at the same time!

Friday, January 22, 2010

CoolMomPicks & Etsy Competition for Children's Heart Foundation

Children's Printable Valentines! Need I say more? I have really been getting into designing printable designs for my Etsy store, I love designing things for my daughter, and I am always looking for activities to do with her. Bonus, that this is for charity! and has joined together to have a Valentine's Day Card Design Contest. The card has to be designed to that children can color them in and they have to be printable. Nine designs will be picked by the CoolMomPicks Editorial Team and will be featured on Etsy. The nine designs will also be put together on a downloadable PDF file on Etsy's store for purchase. All procedes will then go towards Children's Heart Foundation.

This will be my first design competition. I am not sure if I may have shot myself in the foot for the fact that I can't just do something simple, instead I did a whole coloring match book valentine! Plus I looked up how to say "Love" in seven languages! The booklet when assembled will be the size required, but it's more of a full activity for children. Each page features the word "love" in a different language and an animal that would be from that region. Parents and children could put the booklet together before hand and hand out to their friends, or they can hand out the sheets and they can assemble it together! I think this would be great for teachers and daycare professionals. This was so fun to put together, and I have already tested some of the sheets out with my daughter...granted, she is almost 2, but she loves it!

So, hopefully my design is chosen! Wish me luck! Check out my Etsy Store at
Feel Free to click on the German owl and print out for coloring. I am still learning the whole blogging thing so I do not know how to add a high resolution file on here yet or set up downloads from the blog. If anyone can help me with that I would be grateful! For right now this is a jpeg file.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I need help coming up with a cute name for these clips...Get a free clip if I use your name!

These are some of my new favorite hair clips. I think that I am going thru a creative dryspell. I have the clips designed but I can't figure out what to name them. Apple of my eye just doesn't seem to cut it. So I am asking for help. I would love to sell a bunch of these on Etsy and need a catchy cute name to help me. I will send you your own custom made apple clip if I chose your name! Thank you so much for your help in advance! Get your friends and family to help! Big Hugs to all!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Designing Eco Friendly Baby Accesories: Making Gifts on a budget

Since becoming a stay at home mom and having out income cut in half we have had to become very creative with our budget. I have a daughter who was born with a full head of hair. I of course am one of those ridiculous mothers that couldn't wait to dress her up in all sorts of cute outfits and do her hair. I already envisioned all of the oohs and ahhs she would get when we would go out. I couldn't wait to go shopping for her. What I didn't expect was how expensive it would be to get the looks liked. I didn't understand how a shirt 1/4th the size of mine could cost just as much if not more than a shirt for me. I am lucky however. My mother went crazy with buying her outfits. She just couldn't stop herself and a lot of our family and friends also sent us quite a bit of supplies to last us the first year. Something I was missing though were hair accessories. Granted, I could, and did, buy the 6 pack of hair bows from places like Wal-Mart for $3.00 but they just didn't seem very special. Plus they usually came in pretty standard colors that wouldn't match most of her things and would easily fall out. As I do for most things, I told myself, "hey! I can make it myself!" I was off to the craft store. There, I found an amazing material called EcoFi Felt. EcoFi Felt is made from post consumer plastic bottles in a full range of colors. This was great to me since I have been working with felt (mostly wool) since I was a child and the green lifestyle has been ingrained in me all of my life. This was perfect the potential of this material seemed endless. My daughter had this cute dress with watermelons on it so I made a watermelon hair clip for her. People went nuts over it wondering if the clip came with the dress. I then decided to play around with other shapes and fruits, even veggies! The more she wore them out and about the more compliments I would get. This of course lit a light bulb in my head. Being part of such a large family and having so many events it is inevitable that we need gifts from time to time. Especially now with so many of our friends and family having children we wanted to come up with something that still made everyone say "AWW" but without having to forgo buying milk for the week! I started handing them out to family members and friends as gifts for each event. People started to ask if they could purchase more and now here I am starting a little store. I am so pleased. Who knew that a hobby that I enjoy to relax would help me accessorize my daughter, be great gifts for friends and family, and help contribute to the bills! I have been getting new ideas for new designs which has been so much fun to figure out and put together. If you have any ideas I would love to hear it. I want to have a store opening on Etsy in the next week or so. So any ideas would be great!